1st Release

In order to enter the market and to test and improve our tools, we have developed our first product.

Based on our experience in similar projects we can state that, with our tools, we have reduced time-to-market by 75%!, improving not only development time but testing and refactoring time.


Application Main Menu. [Click to Zoom]


Technical Features
This first release is an HTML5 web application based on the SPA (Single-Page Application) pattern, which means dynamic loading without page blinking. This powerful feature can be achieved thanks to the fast request processing provided by generated code.

Dynamic page loading along with others features offered by the JavaScript Framework such as: modal windows, window controls, give the web a desktop application user experience.


Examples: 1-Dynamic page loading 2-Modal window. [Click to zoom]


Another main feature of the application is security, which is supported by a single JS Framework encapsulated on a single object and by server security policies as: dynamic token session, request validation, data validation, permissions and others. These kind of global policies implemented along the application are known as cross-cutting concerns and are solved and guaranteed by the generated code.

Functional Features

As a financial servicer, these are the main functional features of the application:

  • Portfolio migration.
  • Customer management.
  • Entities, product families and agreements management.
  • Full loan life-cycle: installments, bounces, partial payments, collection, charge-off, etc.
  • Collection management: friendly, legal and foreign agencies.
  • Ledger: internal bank money applyment.
  • Accounting.
  • User, roles, permissions and scopes management.
  • Configuration: banks, courts, loan simulation, etc.
On a general basis we’d like to highlight 4 main features:

Multi-Scope: a kind of multi-company in different levels. Parameterization and user view can be enclosed in a group of portfolios, companies, investors, etc.


User management page: scope selection. [Click to Zoom]


Watertightness: Every portfolio works along the application as an isolated group. There are no data or process leaks between them.

Traceable: the course of every single amount of money coming into the system can be followed.

Integrated: the whole management is integrated on a single application, and at the same time, some processes, traditionally independent, have been unified.


Friendly and legal collection unified on a single process. [Click to Zoom]


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