…Us: we’re a small team based in Madrid made of engineers with experience in creation and maintenance of large financial systems and business managers with an extensive experience running multiple businesses. At this stage we are focused on research and development of the tool as well as in the design of the business lines.

…Our name: in the research process we have gone through the roots of the software, its languages and methodologies. For the name we have done the same process, we come to the PIE language, root of all Indo-European languages . We used the roots *bheu: to be, to grow, and *dek: to take, to learn: grow or evolve towards learning, ascent to knowledge.

…Our logo: we have no doubt that the technologies on which we rely are part of an evolutionary milestone in the design and development of applications. On this basis we wanted our logo to represent a milestone in the human evolution: the manufacture of tools, particularly stone tools.

…Our motto: it defines what we do and highlights our concern in business solutions.

… Our typography. The font of the name “Bheudek” is Bauhaus Std. The school Bauhaus has always been an inspiration to us. The way they merged the abstract thinking of the arts with the deep knowledge of the technique, and how they used it to create practical and rational objects are the guidelines we try to apply in Bheudek.


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