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The South Summit

From 8th to 10th October we’re going to be at The South Summit. The South Summit / Spain Startup Summit is a meeting point of the most promising startups with the leading international VCs, business angels and accelerators.

South Summit

Spain Startup Summit connects the entrepreneurial talent facilitating the uprising of opportunities and potential agreements as well as fostering a network for knowledge sharing of the big corporations withan endless source of innovation: the startups.

It’s time for networking!


Next Bank Europe

We are travelling to Barcelona to attend Next Bank Europe. Next Bank Europe is a collaborative conference that covers innovation, transformation and startup-driven disruption in financial services in Europe. Next Bank Europe recognizes that the new competitive environment resulting from exponential growth of new technologies, the rapid change in customer behavior and new business models presents a unique opportunity for players inside and outside the industry in an environment which is uncertain and volatile.


Next Bank Europe is an event for Europe where traditional players like banks, consultancies and technology vendors will share the stage with alternative players like startups, digital ecosystems and players from other industries. All of these players, the old and the new, from all over Europe will come together to create a new community of innovators in financial services who will together explore the real future of the financial services industry and the big ideas that will forever change the industry in the region.

It’s, definitely, a great showcase!

Startup Salamanca Hub

We’ve been selected to present at Startup Salamanca Hub, an event created to boost the entrepreneurial ecosystem engaging some of the most relevant startups, accelerators, incubators and investors from all over Europe.


Time to pitch and listen!

Pitch Deck at XV Madri+d Investment Forum

Pitch Deck [Spanish language] at XV Madri+d Investment Forum, a forum for technology companies organized by BAN Madrid (Business ANgels Madrid) and Madri+d foundation.

We hope you like it!, and if interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Interview. Kite Invest

Here is our intervew on Kite Invest.


Kite Invest promotes and develops business opportunities through constant awareness in the manner in which Foreign Capital Inflow is received by some of the most prestigious financial and banking institutions.

XV Madri+d Investment Forum

We’ve been selected to present at XV Madri+d Investment Forum, a forum for technology companies organized by BAN Madrid (Business ANgels Madrid) and Madri+d foundation.


Let’s talk!.

Entrepreneur Program “Soy Emprendedor”

We’ve been selected for the program “Soy Emprendedor, Soy de la Mutua”, a Mutua Madrileña program for startups.


Let’s enjoy it!


Here you have our new presentation video.

We hope you like it!

Time to Hit the Market!

After half a year of work we are pleased to inform you that our first release is finished.

Once we have reached this summit it’s time for us to go to the market to find customers, partners and any companion who wants to travel this new road with us.

Find more information about the release on 1st Release area.