Best Practices in Code Generation

The most common mistake when we generate code is seeing it as a black box, thinking that the important thing is “what it does” and not “how it does it”. This is wrong. Here again, quality matters.

Here are some of the features a good generated code should have:

  • Independent: manual code and generated code must be on a different file or artifact, otherwise there is a risk of losing the first one if we have to re-generate the code (and we will).
  • Immutable: it must not be changed, for two reasons: is dangerous, as every unknown code, and for the same reason as the previous case.
  • Readable: that means meaningful variable and function names, comments, indentation, organized in folders, files, etc.  The generated code should be presentable to be visited by developers: to know how it works and, why not?, to learn from it. We should always be proud of the code we generate.
  • Extensible: for different reasons you may need to implement manually some particular functionalities, so generated code should leave some doors open. The best way is to design the generated code under a Framework approach where manual code can extend only some allowed functionalities and in a safe environment.
  • Structured: raising the level of abstraction requires a good knowledge of the field you are dealing with. Bad structured code can be a symptom that the domain is not completely under control. A good code generation requires a good architect.
  • Robust: generated code can fail, of course. Error handling, exception management, input validation, internal validations, etc must be always included in code. This kind of security policies can be easily implemented when generating code and it must be one of the reason of its quality.
  • Powerful: having said the above, we should see code generation as a way to write a more powerful code, that means that we can use some strategies in the generated code that we would never use when hand made (usually for maintenance reasons).
To sum up, best practices in code generation are a mixture of traditional best practices and a wider way of thinking.

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